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Looking for a local siding replacement contractor for your home?

Whether you need a home siding repair a complete siding replacement, you’ve come to the right place! Aspen Home Improvements is the trusted siding contractor in your area! We offer the best replacement services in the industry and it’s our goal to provide you with the best experience for your siding repair or replacement. Our goal at Aspen Home Improvements is to help make your dream home a reality, while also providing you with the best customer experience from the very beginning of the project. Along with a focus on providing the best customer service, we also offer our customers top-of-the-line siding products!

We Use The Most Trusted Siding Brands In The Industry

We offer Mastic’s Quest and Ovation to our customers- they are American-made products and are proudly supporting American jobs with a company founded 75 years ago. Mastic siding products are designed with technology that suits North American conditions and standards so you can be sure that everything will fit together well, the available colors will match your tastes and complete your vision for your home.

As a North American product, Quest and Ovation sidings will withstand everything that our weather can throw at them from hurricane-force winds to hail storms, through high heat and extreme sun. Because American homes are larger than other countries the planks that comprise the sidings Aspen install can be supplied extra-long meaning that there’s no need for unsightly joins on long runs.


Mastic Ovation is a simple solution enabling you to renew your home’s siding at an affordable price. There are 20 colors with five panel styles. The Double 5” style is rated is rated as windproof for winds of up to 195mph. Rigidity comes from a greater than builders standard 0.42″ thickness for excellent durability. Five of the darker Ovation colors are equipped with SolarDefense ReflectiveTechnology, a layer of a cooling compound that scatters light, reflecting heat away and so keeping the panels cooler and more color stable. Not only are the colors going to last much longer, but the panels are resistant to chemical breakdown that can otherwise cause the failure of the siding.


Mastic Quest has a more substantial panel projection and due to its 0.44” thickness, greater rigidity. Panel lengths are 50-100% longer than the industry standard at either 16 or 25 feet, making a seamless, attractive finish to your home’s façade possible. The longer panels mean that you will see fewer seams, less leaking and improved durability.

You will have the peace of mind of knowing that no matter how strong the winds might blow outside; your exterior is safe because of the increased strength of Quest. Quest siding is proof against hurricane winds of up to 240mph!

Both Ovation and Quest give protection for even the darkest colors from the bleaching effect of the sun and stop the sun’s rays from weathering the panels. Unlike conventional vinyl siding, your Ovation, or Quest, installation with not show minor nicks and scratches, that’s because our sidings have color running through the entire depth of the vinyl. Many other products have the color applied in only a thin layer atop a thicker white layer meaning that any nicks or scratches show up as an unsightly white mark.

Quality That Lasts a lifetime!

Taken together, the protection systems built into Ovation and Quest siding mean that you get a lifetime of service from Aspen siding installations. Mastic offers the industry’s only no-fade, no distortion promise. Even better, when your home is sold, the warranty is transferrable to the next owner giving a real benefit to prospective purchasers even decades into the future!

Aspen and Mastic Protect Your Home Together

No matter how good the siding that you choose might be unless the planning and installation are of the highest quality, then the siding can never give its best.

You need to be confident that the business carrying out installation work is right for you. You need a company that has been serving your neighborhood for many years, with a high reputation for the quality of its work and customer service.

You need to have highly trained installers who will ensure that the conditions for the lifetime warranty have been met, that if warranty or maintenance work is required, there’s somebody to take your call and spring to action. That’s what Aspen has been doing for over 25 years.

How Can You Be Sure?

We spend so much time in our homes that sometimes we grow accustomed to what we have around us. If your siding has been installed for a long time, then now is a good time to walk around your home.

Look at your home’s exterior. How does it look? Is the siding discolored, cracked, or perhaps there are signs of mold? Check out the list from the top of the page. If you are concerned by what you see then give us a call, here at Aspen, and we can meet with you and together, sort out a plan to replace your damaged or failing siding and give you a free quotation so that you can take the next step to preserving and increasing the value of your family home.

Aspen Home Improvement Lifetime Warranty

Selecting a contractor to work with, deciding on the best siding, and getting it installed is an investment; we want to help you protect that investment. Aspen Home Improvements offers a Lifetime Warranty on the workmanship and materials that we use on your home.

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